The Importance of an Attorney in Chapter 7

While some clients in Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases assume that an attorney’s assistance is not necessary, the truth is that filing without this assistance is a primary risk factor for an unsuccessful case and insufficient discharge of debt. The help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney can be the difference between a dismissed case and saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and failure to strictly comply with procedural rules when filing alone can result in penalties which further complicate your financial situation.

Consider that the U.S. Bankruptcy Code is well over 500 pages of regulations, and local courts also maintain their own rules for certain bankruptcy procedures. On top of this, every Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is unique, and your attorney’s guidance is essential to understand and navigate these proceedings from start to finish until you receive your discharge.

Common mistakes made by Chapter 7 clients who file without an attorney include failure to properly file important forms and documents such as statements and schedules, failure to file documentation on-time, and failure to provide required documentation to the case’s trustee in a timely manner, and such errors can result in your case being dismissed without a discharge.

If you are struggling financially and considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you’re not alone. Contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney today for a free consultation.